About Me

I humbly appreciate your time reading my blog, and if you clicked this page you probably want to learn some more about me!

I was born and raised in California, and graduated from Swarthmore College with a BA in both Computer Science and Asian Studies (focusing on religions, language, literature). I work at Opendoor, a real-estate startup in San Francisco as an engineer. Work aside, this blog represents my conflicts, thoughts, and resolutions as I move through this interesting world.

Alright homeslice, so what’s your story?

2016, I spent a summer sam-shih-monasterypracticing Zen/Chan Buddhism in Japan and China. Rather than coming back with life answers, I came back with rich stories and even more questions. I’ve also developed an interest writing about Eastern and Western thought, which you can read about here. I decided to dive deeper into Buddhism in college and life because like many second-generation Americans, I grew up participating in a culture and religion that I didn’t really understand.


Outside of the books, I enjoy physical challenges and team sports (badminton). During college, I volunteered in Philadelphia Chinatown’s nonprofit PCDC to promote community development while preserving cultural identity. I also created a second-hand consignment business with my two best friends and won 1st place in Swarthmore’s business incubation competition. [Transforming Ideas at SwatTank Competition] [SwatTank 2018] [Used clothing platform Shelf wins SwatTank].

It’s midnight and we’re exhausted, but couldn’t be happier turning our business idea into a reality

De-stressing is important, and to do so I sang in the choir and lifted weights with my friends. I also found out about CAPS (on-campus student therapy) my last semester of college (way too late) and really value the therapy I had.

I was one of the early engineers at Caviar, a food-delivery startup based in San Francisco, and continued working there after its acquisition by Square. I practice and have volunteered as a Buddhism/meditation teacher at TBSA. I was also an intern at the founding team of Zero, a fintech startup changing the game in personal finance.

I started this blog to develop and substantiate my thoughts through writing. I talk more about this motivation here. I hope to give you an interesting read!

Pictures are worth a thousand words, check out my Instagram! @samyoshih

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