About Me

Hi I’m Sam!

I’m from San Francisco and am currently a student at Swarthmore studying Computer Science and Religion.

Alright homeslice, so what’s your story?

Most recently, I’ve spent my 2016 summer sam-shih-monasterypracticing Zen/Chan Buddhism in Japan and China. Rather than coming back with life answers, I came back with rich stories and even more questions. I’ve also developed an interest writing about Eastern philosophy, which you can read about here. My core writing have been about self-improvement, Buddhism, meditation, and college. But in the mean time, I’m trying my hand in fiction and poetry.


Outside of the books, I enjoy physical challenges and fitness. I power lift on campus and got into calisthenics during my monastic stay in China. I’m planning to get into yoga and you better bet that I’ll be able to do the splits before I get my first full-time job. On campus, I sing in the choir, give massages to stressed students, and cook on my free time. This January 2016, I stayed with a Korean ENT surgeon where I learned a lot about Korean cooking, so if we ever meet in person make sure to hit up my kitchen for some bomb bulgolgi.

I was one of the starting engineers at Caviar, a food-delivery startup based in San Francisco, and continued working there after its acquisition by Square. Here is my github if you’re interested! I play piano and will improvise romantic and contemporary music if you invite me to your jam session. I also practice and teach meditation (10+ years) at TBSA.

I started this blog to develop and substantiate my thoughts through writing. I talk more about this motivation here. I hope to give you an interesting read!

If you’d like to see more of these pictures, check out my Instagram @samyoshih


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